Anger Management Group for Children

Does your little one:

  • Get set off easily?
  • Display levels of anger that you find alarming?
  • Have a short fuse?
  • Lash out in anger?
  • Express anger in destructive ways?

If so, your child is likely to benefit from this program. This group runs for a series of 8 weeks and is appropriate for children in grades 2-4.

Your child will:

  • Receive components of evidence based cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Be supported emotionally by a licensed psychologist
  • Discover what makes him or her angry
  • Learn and practice several methods for calming anger
  • Gain skills aimed at preventing inappropriate levels of anger

This program is run by Dr. Nicole Keenan.

The cost of this course is $50 per session.

Space is limited. Please call today for additional information or to reserve your child a spot.