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Just Girls Group

Is your teenage girl:

  • Struggling with issues associated with early adolescence?
  • Displaying emotional turbulence?
  • Exhibiting poor self-confidence?
  • Encountering social conflicts?
  • Stress of overwhelmed?

If so, this program is likely to benefit her!

This group runs for a series of 8 weeks and is appropriate for girls in grades 6-8.

Your child will:

  • Connect with other females
  • Be supported emotionally by a licensed psychologist
  • Gain self-awareness, self-esteem, and feel empowered
  • Develop positive coping mechanisms & effective methods of communication

This program is run by Dr. Nicole Keenan, licensed psychologist of CBT Solutions of Long Island.

Dr. Keenan has a Psy.D. in School Psychology and specializes in treating children and adolescents.

The cost of this course is $50 per session.

Space is limited. Please call today for additional information or to reserve your child a spot.