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The New and Expectinga Mothers’ Stress Management and Anxiety Treatment

As a licensed clinical psychologist and new mother, Dr. Veronique Deutsch-Anzalone is acutely aware that pregnancy and motherhood can be fraught with many stressors and challenges, often leading to anxiety. This anxiety not only places emotional strain on new moms and on couples’ relationships, it can lead to a range of deleterious health effects for both parents and children. Recognizing the need for mental health professionals to address this issue, she has developed the New and Expecting Mothers’ Stress Management and Anxiety Treatment Program for both pre and post-partum mothers with treatment in both individual and group formats to focus on:

  • Managing worry and anxiety during pregnancy
  • Coping with a colicky child
  • Implementing sleep schedules for newborns
  • Dealing with interrupted sleep as a new parent
  • Strategies for reducing “the baby blues”
  • Developing relaxation and coping skills
  • Identifying catastrophic thought patterns and other cognitive distortions
  • Maintaining healthy couples’ relationships with a new baby in the house

To register or for additional information, please call:

Dr. Veronique Deutsch-Anzalone, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist